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We are a full service commercial and residential property management company offering superior quality services to all of our clients.

For our commercial property management services we focus exclusively on retail property management. Based on your long-term or short-term investment objectives, we will create a custom management plan positioning your building to increase your overall return-on-investment.

Below is a list of reasons to work with our company:

  • NO Upfront Fees
  • NO Marketing Fees – May apply to commercial 
  • NO Maintenance Surcharges
  • FREE Rental Price Analysis
  • Connections With Franchises and Local Businesses – Commercial
  • Results Based Management
  • Focus On Increasing Return-on-Investment
  • Uncover Hidden Expense and Identify New Income Opportunities – Commercial
  • Tenant Improvement Oversight – Commercial
  • 12 Month or Longer Renter Warranties – Residential
  • 13-Day Tenant Placement (on average) – Residential
  • Tiered Tenant Placement Fees (based on lease length)
  • 24/7/365 In-House, Discounted & Competitive Maintenance
  • Fast Funds™ Rent Collection & Processing
  • Use of discounted partner vendors to maximize efficiency and cash flow
  • Random and routine property inspections

Position Realty is dedicated to providing superior property management throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We understand the needs of small and mid-sized property owners due to our local real estate expertise and market knowledge.


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Extensive Background Check:

Whether leasing a commercial or residential property, the best way to find a quality tenant and having a stress free rental business starts with conducting an accurate and extensive background check on each and every applicant.

All of our tenants pay on time and take good care of our clients properties due to our extensive background we conduct on each and every prospective tenant.

Effective Marketing:

In addition to an extensive background check, we offer an EFFECTIVE marketing campaigns that receives results, QUICKLY. We list our client’s properties on 100+ rental web sites to gain the maximum market exposure possible.

Our services are results driven where you will never pay a management fee for vacancies. We don’t charge nickel and dime fees like most other management companies. Our property management agreement is pretty straight forward with no hidden fees.

Give us a call to meet with one of our experienced leasing advisers TODAY!!

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