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position realty

Results No Excuses



We have helped over 146 people and we have a 98% success rate. Our commitment is to help all Phoenix homeowners who are trapped in today’s mortgage loan crisis.

Foreclosure or Behind On Payments?…NO PROBLEM!…We have all the answers!


  • Buy another home at today’s values.
  • Start earning equity NOW instead of 10 years or more!
  • Reduce your payments by 30% or more!!

IMPORTANT QUESTION! Keep Paying The Bank or Short Sale and Start Over?

There are two option: continue paying the bank on a negative equity investment or short sale and start over.

Let us show you exactly how many years it will take before you can start earning equity in your home. Stop putting your hard earned money into an investment (your home) that will take years to start earning equity.

GET UP TO $3,000 CASH!

Apply for Federal Programs that pay up to $3,000 for a short sale.


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Short Sale Phoenix

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Below are some useful information regarding the short sale process:



  • Aggressive pricing and strong Seller motivations make purchasing a Phoenix short sale property a unique opportunity.
  • Sale requires third party approval.

Third Party Approval:

  • Seller (property owner) is the only one that can enter into a contract to sell.
  • Additional approval will be needed by the Seller’s lender, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Company or government agency.
  • If third party does not approve your offer, then you may cancel your contract.

Closing Costs:

  • Seller’s lender typically pay’s Seller closing costs.
  • Buyer’s closing costs are negotiated between buyer and seller.

Property Condition and Inspection:

  • The property is sold in “AS-IS” condition.
  • Buyer is encouraged to do inspections to determine the condition of the property.
  • All contracts MUST include AAR’s “AS-IS Addendum.”

Time Needed To Obtain Third Party Approval:

Third party contract review and response times vary depending upon the lender and particular circumstances. Some of these circumstances include:

  • Internal policies of the third party and their current workload.
  • Whether or not separate investor and/or PMI approval is required
  • The number of independent appraisals (BPO – Broker’s Price Opinion) required.

Generally we are not able to estimate how long the third party approval may take since so much of the process is not within our control. From our past experience the time required to obtain third party approval can take as long as 8-12 weeks or more.