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Position Yourself For Success



Do you and your family want to purchase a home in the Phoenix Metro area but have been turned down for mortgage financing? The professionals at Position Realty want to help you improve your financial position so you can buy a home in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months depending on your situation.


At our initial meeting we will discuss your current financial situation (credit report, debt structure, income and expenses) so we can help you improve your credit score, reduce your expense to pay off debts and increase your savings.

At the second meeting we will discuss our customized strategic finance plan tailored to your current situation that will accelerate your ability to qualify for a mortgage in the shortest amount of time. Over time we will monitor your progress to keep you on track to home ownership.

We provide this all encompassing service for a small fee which is a small amount of money for financial education you can use for a lifetime and teach your children and their children. When you buy a home through our company we’ll refund this fee at closing. Please sign up by filling out the information below:

Should you have any questions regarding the services we offer please give us a call at:


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