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Phoenix Luxury Market Report ~ December 2013

Prices in the Phoenix luxury real estate markets typically go up during the winter season and go back down during the summer months. Since the end of the summer in August 2013, the average sold price has increased approximately +10.4% (up from last month), the average days on market have decreased approximately -22.3% (down from last month) and the number of transactions have increased approximately +13.2% (up from last month). The average price per square foot is approximately $330 PSF, average days on market is 178 days and 103 transactions last month. This holiday season the average sold price has increased, the average days on market has increased and the average days on market has decreased.

The luxury market is following its typical trend during the winter months; the average sold price trend is upward, the average days on market are decreasing but the numbers of transactions are down as compared the winter months in 2012. The slowdown in the number of transaction indicates the market is in confusion regarding the overall direction of the market and macro economy as a whole. The government shut down experienced in October and the upcoming deficient negotiations could be causing this dramatic decrease in the number of transactions.

Trying to “time the market” for the perfect time to buy is nearly impossible but there is no better time than now to purchase. Real estate prices are at an all time low and the economy is continuing to show signs of improvement both in terms of real estate prices and the overall economy. Time to buy is NOW!! Give us a call to discuss your best buying strategy, TODAY!!

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