Seller Representation: Sell Fast and For Top Dollar

The real estate professionals at Position Realty have a proven system for selling homes fast and for to dollar in any buyers market or seller market. The first step in selling your home is to determine a fair market value using real estate appraiser techniques (For information on our Designated Broker, CLICK HERE) to determine the correct market value. Overvaluing a home will cause it to sit stagnate on the market and undervaluing will cause a flood of offers so determining a correct fair market value is very important.

During our initial meeting, we will offer our recommendations on how to best prepare the property that will make any buyer have an outstanding first impression. We might recommend physical or virtual staging, making repairs or updates with our trusted third party contractor who will wait to be paid at closing (CLICK HERE to watch video), how to create a pleasant curb appeal at no cost, best ways to declutter, tricks for eliminating odors, how to make the home sparkle in the eyes of the buyer and possible buyer incentives (Buyer’s Markets). Furthermore, we will identifying the property’s unique selling points (Buyers buy a home for it’s lifestyle benefits) that will be used in all advertisements.

Our “Sell Fast and For Top Dollar” marketing campaign is a customized market plan specifically designed for your property. We use the most innovative marketing techniques that will target the right buyers who are willing to pay a higher price for your home. For more information about our marketing, please CLICK HERE .

We also offer our clients a specialized service as a court appointed Special Commissioner. Having a third-party court appointed expert will assure the common goals of the parties are fulfilled with the least amount of conflict. We offer two areas of service – ESTATE CASES and DIVORCE CASESIf you or anyone you know is going through a life change, we’re here to help.

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Buyer Representation: We Negotiate For The Lowest Price

The first step in purchasing a home is to identify how you will financially purchase the property. For finance purchases, we have partnered with the best mortgage brokers to help our clients with selecting the right finance programs to fit their budgets. Our lenders can offer FHA, Conventional, Hard Money, VA and down payment assistance programs. Once financing has been identified, the fun part begins.

For maximum success in purchasing your new home or investment property, Position Realty will assist you in defining your purchase requirements, identifying potential prospects, and touring the properties either in person or virtual (out of state buyers). With the ideal home in your sights, Position Realty provides the negotiating acumen to get you the lowest price possible, including: establishing favorable contract terms that work for you, negotiating for your best interest, and providing transaction management through close of escrow. In addition, we will help you navigate through due diligence with our proactive approach in making the seller pay for repairs, thereby providing a full understanding of the property.

When you work with Position Realty, we advocate for your best interest and you are an equal partner in the buying process. We give you “DIRECT” access to the Arizona Multiple Listing Service where you can search for properties as if you were a licensed real estate agent. Contact Us…TODAY!!

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Lease Transactions: Call For A List Of Properties For Lease

We only offer properties for lease under our management. Our services are 100% FREE since our landlord clients pays our commission. The cleaner homes in good locations with more upgrades lease quickly! Contact Us…TODAY!!…to Schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION phone consultation to start viewing our homes for lease.

If you have already located a home you would like to lease, then CLICK HERE for information about how to fill out an application.

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Whether you are buying, selling or leasing real estate, the professions at Position Realty are here to assist you through the real estate transaction.

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