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Can You Spark a Bidding War on Your Listing?

Bidding wars are increasingly being reported in Phoenix, Arizona as buyer demand increases and home inventories shrink. Market conditions drive multiple offers, but real estate agents and other housing followers say sellers still can take practical steps to boost the level of interest among buyers. Some sellers are trying to spur multiple bids on their properties by purposely underpricing the home.

At the very least, sellers should list their homes at the low end of market value, which will draw in buyers who sense they’re getting good value.

Here are some additional tips to multiple offers on your home:

– De-clutter. Getting rid of all those books, magazines and board games you haven’t touched in years will help make the home seem bigger and more appealing. “Buyers are visual,” “Clean and crisp sells.”

– Spruce up the landscaping. Planting fresh flowers, laying mulch and keeping the hedges trimmed will make a solid first impression on a buyer. “When buyers walk up to a house that’s (in poor shape) – even if it’s just the landscaping – there’s going to be a sense that the seller doesn’t care about it and the buyers will think that they can really lower their offer or they just won’t be interested at all.

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