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full service real estate brokerage serving Phoenix and Prescott

Sellers and buyers put their trust and confidence in Position Realty knowing we will advocate for their best interest. We are there for you every step of the way.


We give you FREE access to the MLS same as a Realtor so you are not wasting your time looking at properties that are not available! Browse listings today!


Find your next commercial investment opportunity by searching hundreds of listings and trust Position Realty to achieve your desired ROI. Browse our listings today!

Property Management

Rated the best commercial and residential property management company offering superior quality service. Discover the difference today!

Special Commissioner

Having a third-party court appointed expert will assure the common goals of the parties are fulfilled with the least amount of conflict. We’re here to help!

We have a proven marketing strategy for selling properties quick and for top dollar!

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Whether you are buying, selling or leasing real estate, the professions at Position Realty are here to assist you through the real estate transaction.

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Don Decker
Don Decker
Love working with these guys, very professional
Jennifer Vu
Jennifer Vu
Love working with Sean!!! He’s so professional and proficient at what he does as a property manager. Sean takes care of all the nitty gritty stuff when it comes to tenant screening, billing, repairs, lease renewals, and all the things with concern to that that I would be totally clueless about, haha. As for me, I just collect the paycheck and call it a day!! He’s a hard competent worker, and I trust him to do his job for our best interest!! Pretty darn awesome if I say so myself. :D Never a problem. :)
Timothy Jackson
Timothy Jackson
Sean is amazing. Always on top of the needs for the Client. Position Reality Is the easiest company ever to work with. Friendly with Honesty and Integrity.
Yasar Ali
Yasar Ali
I have been working with Sean for a while now and I am impressed with his work ethic and attention to detail. Everything is handled very professionally, he is very well organized, a strong communicator, and goes above and beyond to help get the properties ready for prospective tenants & fixed for existing tenants. I would definitely recommend him to others needing management of their properties, he practices what he preaches, all results, no excuses.
David Covarrubias
David Covarrubias
Sean has been managing my property in Phoenix for a few years and I appreciate his responsiveness and communication with addressing any issues that arise.
kelly franklin
kelly franklin
I have been doing business with Sean for close to nine years. Have never had a problem of any kind . He always returns calls in a timely manner. Does a great job always!
Sean Bee
Sean Bee
I have been working with Sean for many years now & I rely on him managing more than one property. Everything is handled very professionally & along good communication regarding the prospective tenants & existing tenants. I would recommend him to others needing management of their properties in the greater Phoenix area
christopher clark
christopher clark
I have had a great experience working with Sean. He is very detailed and on top of everything. He truly gets the Job done.
Dale Taylor
Dale Taylor
Sean has been managing my property in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2019. He has done an excellent job of handling several issues that occurred at my condominium property. He has been able to keep my costs at or below budget every year. He has been able to manage several emergencies that I have had regarding repair and maintenance. I have never had any problems contacting him when needed. He has the ability to effectively communicate with tenants and advocate on behalf of me whenever needed. Sean has saved me money by performing preventative maintenance on my property and he is excellent in identifying potential problems. I would recommend Sean and his company for anyone who has property that needs management in an economical and efficient manner. He uses only competent subcontractors to perform maintenance and repairs. I have had no issues with anyone of his associates who have performed repairs on my property. Sean is a very knowledgeable property manager who knows much about the many different aspects of property maintenance and management. I would highly recommend Sean Heideman if you are looking for an honest, hardworking property manager. He is more than qualified to handle all your management needs.
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