Seller Representation: Proven Strategic Marketing Strategy

The first step in selling your building is to determine a fair market value using commercial real estate appraiser techniques (For information on our Designated Broker, CLICK HERE) to determine the correct market value. Overvaluing a building will cause the building to be stagnate on the market and undervaluing will cause a flood of offers so determining a correct fair market value is important.

During our during our discovery, we endeavor to collect as much information as possible about your property and recommend property preparation tactics. We will need to identify all competitive advantages offered by the property and market as well as competitive weaknesses we may have to overcome in all marketing. We will collect information on your building characteristics, space configurations, area demographics, competition, rent rolls (not owner occupied), profit and loss statement (income approach to valuation), specialized equipment, operations, and much more.

During the marketing stage, we approach marketing concisely and methodically, informing you of marketing timelines, prospect inquiries and progress on a weekly basis. Also, you will have full access to all market channels and materials based on our proven marketing timelines. For additional information about our proven marketing techniques, please contact call us at: (480) 213-5251.

The property types we specialize in are:

  • Retail Single Tenant and Shopping Centers
  • Medical Office
  • 10+ Unit Apartments

We work with trusted third party service providers that we can recommend including appraisers, commercial real estate financiers, 1031 intermediaries, title companies, attorneys, certified public accountants, registered investment advisors, general contractors, and architects. We are a one stop shop for all your commercial needs. Give us a call today!

Buyer Representation: Advocating For Your Best Interest

We use a methodical approach to helping our clients successfully invest in commercial real estate. The secret to a successful real estate investment is to structure the deal to maximize it’s return-on-investment using detailed spreadsheets to analyze the buildings Internal Rate of Return base on investment timelines.

Navigating through a commercial real estate transaction can be a difficult process without the proper guidance. The professionals at Position Realty can provide that guidance with detailed market trends, third-part financial underwriting and due diligence to make sure you make an informed decision about your investment. Trust in the professionals at Position Realty to provide the proper guidance and advocacy to ensure a smooth transaction.

The property types we specialize in are:

  • Retail Single Tenant and Shopping Centers
  • Medical Office

We spend countless hours researching the market for value add, distressed and stabilized occupancy properties that offer our clients the highest return-on-investment. Before our clients make an acquisition, our property management division will put together a detailed management plan on how to best reposition the building to maximize return on investment.

If you are new to commercial real estate investing or are just getting started, please click here to download our free “Commercial Real Estate Guide To Investing”.

Property Management: Net Lease Specialization

Our commercial property management services focuses exclusively on net retail properties. If your building has gross or modified gross leases , we specialize in recapitalizing buildings to be more profitable under net leases. This works best for buildings that don’t have stabilized occupancy. When it’s time to sell your building, investors will pay top dollar for long term net leases making your internal rate of return higher. Also, based on your long-term and short-term investment objectives, we will create a custom management plan positioning your building to achieve your desired return-on-investment.

Position Realty is dedicated to providing superior property management in the Northeast and Northwest greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We understand the needs of small and mid-sized property owners due to our targeted local real estate expertise and market knowledge.

Our services are results driven where you will never pay a management fee for vacancies. We don’t charge nickel and dime fees like most other management companies. Our property management agreement is pretty straight forward with no hidden fees.

For additional information about our commercial property management services, please CLICK HERE.

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Medical Office Market Report (Q1 2023):

Phoenix Medical Office_Rent Growth
Phoenix Medical Office_Supply and Demand
Phoenix Medical Office_Vacancy
Phoenix Medical Office_Vacancy By Healthcare

Retail Market Report (Q1 2023):

Phoenix Retail_NNN Rents
Phoenix Retail_Vacancy
Phoenix Retail_Absorption
Phoenix Retail_Net Absorption

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