Position Realty is frequently appointed as a Real Estate Special Commissioner in Arizona, a licensed real estate broker appointed by the court to initiate and complete the sale of co-owned residential and commercial properties. In Family Law matters, a Special Commissioner is appointed pursuant to the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, Rule 95G.

Acting as a Special Commissioner/Special Master in divorce, partition, or other co-owner disputes, Position Realty will:

#1: Moving The Sale Along: Help the divorced couple stay focused on the overall object of selling their property by preventing marital blaming or argument from getting in the way.

#2: Understand The Legal Process: We understand when and how to recommend sanctions to the court for a divorcee who is purposely delaying the sale.

#3: Record Keeping: We keep detailed records of each showing, realtor feedback, who called and when, copy emails received or sent, and even every text message received or sent in case needed to testify.

#4: Resolve Conflict Fast: We resolve conflict fast by using several tactics before small issues escalate into wasted time for you or the courts.

#5: Neutral Third Party: We don’t take one divorcee’s side over the other and we keep a neutral bias throughout the transaction process.

#6: Dual Agency Is A No No: If presented with a dual agency situation we refer the buyer to another realtor to prevent additional conflict for the courts.

#7: Collect Payoff Info Upfront: Before taking a listing we personally research the Maricopa County Recorders Office to determine if there are any unforeseen liens that may delay the transaction from closing on time. Furthermore, once escrow is opened we order a Payoff Statement immediately so that if any lien were missed they can be dealt with in a timely manner.

#8: Recommend Low Cost Contractors: We have complied a list of low cost contractors to assist clients in maximizing resale value and keeping expenses low.

#9: Accurate Valuation: We only work with appraisers who specialize in divorce litigation who provide appraisals that meet the requirements of the courts.

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If you are currently facing any legal matters or are an attorney representing a client in a divorce, please give us a call to discuss appointment for Real Estate Special Commissioner. Legal claims may be barred by the passage of time and your rights may be jeopardized or lost if you delay. Give us a call today!