Teachers, Nurses or EMT, Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Military Are Rewarded For Their Services To Our Community!!

My wife, Jennie Paperman, is a teacher and after seeing how hard she works I realized professionals in our community should be appreciated and rewarded for their sacrifices.

Therefore, Position Realty gives back to our community service members. When you purchase a property our agents will contribute 25% of their commission toward your closing costs. When you sell a property our agents will reduce their commission by 25% based on our 6% Platinum Marketing Package commission rate which equates to 4.5%.

In addition to our concessions, we work with lenders and title companies who provide an additional discount off their lender fees and title and escrow fees for the service members in our community.

We know you work hard to make our community and world a better place so you deserve to be rewarded for the sacrifices you make. Give us a call TODAY to discuss how you can get started!!