A number of housing markets nationwide have been seeing modest increases in median list prices. In the last year alone, median national list prices ticked up 6.82 percent year over year in February, according to Realtor.com data of 146 metro markets. And a number of markets have seen increases in just one month by 3 or 4 percent.

The following are the eight metro areas that saw the highest median list price increases from January to February:

1. San Jose, Calif.
Month-over-month increase: 4.20 percent
Median list price: $468,888

2. Washington, D.C.-Md.-Va.-W.Va.
Month-over-month increase: 4.17 percent
Median list price: $384,950

3. Detroit
Month-over-month increase: 3.92 percent
Median list price: $84,900

4. Corpus Christi, Texas
Month-over-month increase: 3.89 percent
Median list price: $165,700

5. San Francisco
Month-over-month increase: 3.77 percent
Median list price: $611,700

6. Punta Gorda, Fla.
Month-over-month increase: 3.35 percent
Median list price: $185,000

7. Atlanta
Month-over-month increase: 3.27 percent
Median list price: $154,900

8. Phoenix, AZ
Month-over-month increase: 3.23 percent
Median list price: $146,000

And where have median list prices fallen the most in the last month? Iowa City, Iowa, where median list prices have declined 4.95 percent, and Toledo, Ohio, where list prices dropped 4.31 percent from January to February, according to Realtor.com data.

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