Since January 2011, investors have been purchasing rental properties in the Phoenix market like crazy! The price of single family homes, condos, townhouses and patio homes have reached a level where an investor can purchase these properties, rent them out and receive a 10% or more return on their investment per year. Investors will continue purchasing properties until they are no longer able to receive this kind of high return on investment. There is still a great deal of properties for sale on the market and in certain areas prices have gone up. Below is a chart showing the number of landlord purchases within in the market:

In addition to real estate investors, many homeowner have decided to rent their homes instead of letting them go into foreclosure. Many people have let their homes go into foreclosure and these people still need a place to live. These people will more than likely want to stay in the same area where their children are going to school. There is a great deal of demand for rental properties but supply could exceed demand in 2012.

Could the rental market in Phoenix become over supplied with rentals? It is possible if investor continue to purchase properties at the same level they have in 2011. Currently, the commercial office market is experiencing decreasing rental rates due to the over supply of offices build in the market. The same thing could happen with the residential markets if investors don’t stop buying.

Once rental rates start dropping, then these investors will not receive the same kind of returns they originally hoped for in the Phoenix Market. Also, the people trying to hold on to their homes will be forced to lower their rents and eventually have to let the home go into foreclosure.

Hiring a competent property management to make sure you are receiving the highest amount of rental income for your property and making sure the tenant will take good care of your property before you give them your keys is very important. Give us a call TODAY to discover how we can help you SAVE money!!

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