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Fannie Starts Accepting Online Offers for Properties

Fannie Mae has announced that it is rolling out a pilot program nationwide that will allow real estate agents to now submit and track their offers online for Fannie Mae-owned properties. Once an offer is submitted, you’ll receive confirmation and be able to track its status through Fannie’s HomePath web site.
Fannie first began piloting the program for online offers in 2010 in San Diego, Orlando, Fla., and Detroit. It now be accepting online offers for properties nationwide.

“Collecting offers online through HomePath.com will provide greater transparency for home buyers and their agents,” Jay Ryan, vice president for REO at Fannie Mae, said in a statement. “Our online platform will make it easier to sell properties to owner-occupants, which is a major factor in helping to stabilize communities across the nation.”

For more information on how the new program works, visit HomePath.com.

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