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Stop Losing Money On Evictions & Damages…Use Lease Guarantee!

Our third party background service offers Lease guarantee free for landlords which reimburses you for losses incurred in legal fees, damages and unpaid rents. You can choose coverage options up to $10,000.


  • Get more protection than a security deposit
  • Fill Your Vacancies Faster. Don’t waste time or money waiting for the best tenant. LeaseGuarantee eliminates your risk.
  • Use Lease Guarantee instead of a security deposit, in addition to a security deposit, or as means to reduce your required security deposit.


  • Lease Guarantee includes all individuals on the lease agreement up to the amount you selected for 12 months and is renewable.
  • Reimbursement is simple. Just submit a copy of the court judgment, lease agreement and rental application. No additional fees required!

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