Probate Real Estate sales requires several specific facets, and an additional level of skill from standard real estate transactions. The process of buying and selling Probate Real Estate requires a thorough understanding of Arizona Probate Law and Probate Code. Our designated broker is a Real Estate Special Commissioner with the Maricopa County Superior Court and we have the experience to work closely with Probate Attorneys to truly help Executors and Administrators successfully manage the sale of an Estate’s Real Property. For a detailed explanation of the probate real estate sales process, CLICK HERE.

Probate real estate services are important when choosing a real estate team. In preparation of selling your property, we know there are plenty of tasks to complete. As a result, sometimes a little help makes all the difference in what can be an arduous process. We handle these objectives daily, and can lift the burden immeasurably. We can show you an efficient way to maximize property value, without cutting corners, and provide resources that are otherwise difficult to access.

While we do not know your particular situation, we are prepared to do what is best for you and the estate. As licensed real estate agents in Arizona there are two solutions we can offer you:

1.) Quick Cash Sale

2.) Listing Your Property For Sale

Quick Cash Sale
This option is attractive for those in need of settling an estate quickly to satisfy creditors or legitimate heirs. If you find this is your top priority then we can buy your property in its “as-is” condition with no repairs or clean up required. We will pay cash, all your closing costs and close in 30 days or less. There are no fees or real estate commissions paid with this option.

Listing Your Property For Sale
This option is attractive for those interested in getting top dollar for the property and listing the property on the market. When you list your property with the Position Realty, you get a dependable partner at your side with a full range of home selling services. You get a team of experts for every step of the home selling process. We have the experience and right resources at hand to achieve a smooth process for selling your home.

We keep you informed every step of the way, as we manage the process from start to finish. Call us today!