It’s the American way to always be looking for the next big thing. Whether you’re just looking for some cool new additions to your home décor, want the latest tech, or need to figure out a few new ways to make life easier, these products will get you there.

1. Self-cleaning sheets

Do you wash your bedding as much as you should? These sheets will actually help you out with that.

“Founded by the creators of The SleepClean Pillowcase, Silvon just introduced a line of bacteria-resistant sheets,” said Elle Décor. “Uniquely, the company doesn’t produce its linens with chemicals or nanotechnology—but rather with silver, a naturally bacteria-resistant substance. When the silver-infused linens come in contact with bacteria cells, the positively charged silver ions attack the DNA of the bacteria, hindering the cell’s ability to reproduce.”

Silvon sheets are available as a preorder on Kickstarter, where their original $20,000 campaign has now reached $537,824.

2. A machine that helps with your laundry

You may have already seen the Foldimate. It went viral last month because it actually FOLD S CLOTHES FOR YOU.

“Completing the robot takeover of our laundry chores, the appliance is designed as a third addition to the washing machine and clothes dryer you have lined up in the basement,” said Cool Things. “That way, you don’t just have to leave the laundry room with your clothes properly washed and dried, you can come out with every item neatly folded, too.

Personally, we’ll like to see a next-generation unit that can hang stuff up. Maybe that’ll happen before the Foldimate, which is still in development, goes to market—currently slated for 2018.


3. A refrigerator that’s helps you write your grocery list

We’ve written about the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator before, when it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). But back then it just seemed like a cool novelty. Now that it’s out there in stores and being advertised on TV, we’re kind of obsessed.

“The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a 21.5-inch 1080p screen, which can be used to display recipes, a calendar, notes and more. The screen can also be used to stream TV and music — and screw sticking your shopping list on the door, you can out and out order your groceries on it,” said techradar. “And the Family Hub has another trick up its sleeve, in the shape of built-in cameras that show you what’s in the fridge. You can view the contents from your smartphone wherever you are — so if you get to the shop and aren’t sure if you need to buy milk you can just take a look on your phone.”


4. Transparent speakers

Not loving the way traditional speakers look in your house? No problem. Just go transparent.

“Transparent speakers usually just show off internal components or an LED-illuminated chamber full of bubbles. Not the Turtle Beach HyperSound Glass, though,” said Geek. “These are transparent speakers that you can actually see right through. There’s no cone. There’s no voice coil. No magnet, no dust cap, no terminals. The HyperSound Glass is just a black stand and a rectangular frame that surrounds a completely translucent panel.”

Even better, the sound is directional. “The ‘stream’ of ultrasound they send out is highly focused, and it gradually becomes audible sound as it reaches its intended target. Listeners just a few feet away won’t hear a thing.”


5. The coolest chair you’ll ever make yourself

Think Lego meets IKEA meets haute home. This multifunctional chair called SPYNDI from Lithuanian designer Mindaugas Žilionis uses 60 handmade wooden elements that click together and can be fashioned into as many shapes as you can come up with.

“In just 15 minutes you can turn this pile of sticks into many different chairs, lounges and tables,” said Bored Panda. “The human spine-inspired project has already reached full funding on Kickstarter!”


6. Next-level weather display

Weather apps are so yesterday. This ambient weather display doesn’t just tell you the weather, it shows you. “The tempescope is an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, and lightning. Based on weather forecasts from the internet, it can reproduce tomorrow’s sky in your living room,” said Tempescope.

This product is not yet available.


7. Keep track of what’s going on at home

There are tons of drop cams you can use to provide home security and also watch over your kids and pets at home. We love Circle, which lets you “See, save and share what’s happening at home from your mobile device,” they said. Our favorite feature: the fact that you can listen in and even talk through the device. The ability to say “Hi” to your dog while on your lunch break? Yes, please!

8. Remote pet play

Not enough to just watch your pets and have a few words with them while you’re gone for the day? With PlayDate, you can also play with them right through the camera. “Play with your dog or cat from anywhere using a smart ball that you control from your mobile device,” said Indiegogo. “You can control PlayDate’s smart ball remotely from your iOS or Android device after downloading our free app from the App Store or Google Play.

Imagine being able to play with your dog when you’re not at home.”

This product is currently being crowdfunded, with $483,407 raised as of the end of May 2016. Check out the video here.


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